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Sell Your Wedding Band

If you’ve inherited a wedding band or found one at an estate sale, you may be wondering what you can do with it. You could keep it, repurpose it, or sell it.

If you decide on the latter, we’ll give you cash for gold, platinum, or even silver wedding bands.

How Do I Sell My Wedding Band?

Whether you’re driven by practicality or feel emotionally ready to move on, letting go of pieces that you no longer resonate with is the wise thing to do. Opting to sell jewelry online can even help you declutter your space and mind so you can embark on new beginnings.
Gold to Cash is a place that buys gold, platinum, and silver wedding bands online.

Why Sell My Wedding Band Through Gold to Cash?

Selling jewelry online with Gold to Cash offers distinct advantages, some of which we’ve listed below:

Competitive Payouts
Whether you’re looking to sell a wedding band that’s your own, handed down to you by someone, or found at an estate sale, we know what it’s worth. At Gold to Cash, we assess your jewelry for what it’s worth, going above and beyond with our price match guarantee*. We’re committed to getting you the best possible price for your wedding band so you can sell your rings with confidence. With their expertise, our evaluation experts carry out thorough valuations that reflect the true worth of your precious metal wedding band.
We Don’t Mind Your Band’s Imperfections
Beauty lies within, right? So, as long as your wedding band is made of a precious metal, its condition doesn’t mean much to us. So don’t worry about dents or scratches. At Gold to Cash, we accept all jewelry items, regardless of their condition. At the end of the day, our emphasis is on the intrinsic value of the material and we’re giving you cash for gold, silver, or platinum, whatever shape it’s in.
Free and Fast Appraisals
If you want cash, and you want it fast, time is of the essence. If and when you’re ready to part ways with a piece that may hold some emotional significance, we’ll get right to helping you liquidate your wedding band into cold, hard cash. Not only is our appraisal process free, but it’s also quick.
After receiving your jewelry, our appraisal experts get to work diligently to inspect its unique attributes, completing tests and putting a value on it. This rapid turnaround ensures that we can give you an offer soon after receiving your wedding band. You can then choose whether or not to accept it, and we can make the payout within 24 hours of you accepting the offer.
Your Satisfaction, Our Priority
At Gold to Cash, we’re licensed under Washington State Chapter 19.60 RCW Secondhand Precious Metals Dealer, and you can trust us to provide safe and risk-free services. Our approach is such that there’s absolutely no obligation for you to proceed with the sale if our offer doesn’t align with your expectations. What’s more, your precious metal wedding bands are handled with the utmost care while they’re in transit and with us. All shipments are tracked and have insurance coverage for your peace of mind, so you can rest assured that you’ll be reimbursed if there are any unforeseen incidents during transit.

How To Get Cash For Gold, Platinum, and Silver Wedding Bands

Choosing Gold to Cash to sell your rings, wedding bands, or otherwise is a wise decision. You’ll get a fair price that’s likely above market for in-person shops, and we deal with our clients in a transparent manner. Here’s how you can turn your gold to cash with just a few clicks online:

- Fill out a brief online form to receive a free appraisal kit, which includes necessary shipping materials.
- Place unwanted jewelry items in the provided materials and ship them to Gold to Cash at no charge.
- Within 24 hours of receiving the jewelry, Gold to Cash’s appraisers evaluate the pieces and send the best offer.
- Accept the payment if satisfied or decline the offer. In the latter case, Gold to Cash ships the items back for free.

So you see, selling a wedding band for cash is as easy. It’ll set you free and bring you closer to attaining your goals, putting a downpayment towards a car, or making a major purchase or home remodel.

Have questions about how to get cash for gold? If we haven’t answered them below, contact us to learn more about our process

*Please refer to our Terms and Conditions to be certain and eliminate, to the best of your capability, any confusion regarding our business practices.


Q. What is Gold to Cash’s Price Match Guarantee?
A. At Gold to Cash, our Price Match Guarantee is a commitment to offering the best service in the industry. If you receive a higher offer from an online competitor, we’re here to match it.* Our goal is your satisfaction, and our terms and conditions ensure a fair comparison to make sure you get the value you deserve for your wedding band.

Q. What’s the initial step to initiate the selling process?
To start the process, all you need to do is request a free appraisal kit from Gold to Cash. Once received, you’ll need to create an account, allowing you to easily manage and track your transaction throughout the entire process.

Q. Why do I need to create an account with Gold to Cash?
A. Creating an account is important so you can do the following easily and securely:
Keep tabs on the status of your transaction.
Track your package conveniently after dropping it off at a staffed FedEx location.
Access and review our offer for your wedding band.
Update your personal details and preferred method of payment.
Complete and update the Information Card.
Request another appraisal should you need it.
Participate in our referral program and collect a bonus!

Q. Can I get an estimate of the value of my gold before shipping it off?
A. Yes, you absolutely can! Use our gold calculator. This tool provides the highest melt value of the gold on the current day but is not an estimate of what we’ll be paying for your valuables. The offer you receive from us will be determined through our professional appraisal process. The gold calculator is, however, a helpful tool to give you an idea of the current market value.

Q. How do I know my valuables are safe during this process?
A. Insured in transit and stored in a world-class vault, safeguarded by armed staff at Gold to Cash, you can rest assured that your valuables are being treated as such.

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