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Sell Your Engagement Ring

If you’re looking for online gold buyers, you’ve quite literally struck gold! Gold to Cash will turn these once-sentimental pieces into money that will bring you one step closer to your dreams.

Sell Your Engagement Ring For Cash

Not only do engagement rings carry profound emotional weight, but they’re also worth their weight in gold. So if they’re not being used, don’t hide your rings away where they’ll sit and collect dust. We’ll give you cash for gold, silver, and even platinum engagement rings so you can open doors to new possibilities.

Why Choose Us?

There are online gold and silver buyers aplenty, but Gold to Cash stands out, especially when it comes to selling engagement rings.

Here’s why we’re one of the best gold buyers online:

- If you’re interested in converting your gold to cash, just let us know, and we’ll send you a free appraisal kit.
- When you need money and need it fast, you can rely on Gold to Cash. We buy gold, silver, and platinum engagement rings and make the payment within 24 hours.
- When it comes to selling your gold jewelry online, convenience is one thing, but not at the expense of security. With us, you can rest assured that the free and insured FedEx shipping means your valuable items are safeguarded throughout the journey.
- We take pride in offering competitive rates, as is evident through our price match guarantee*. If you happen to receive a higher offer elsewhere, we’ll match it so that you get the best value for your engagement ring.

How Much Is My Engagement Ring Worth?

At Gold To Cash, we consider many variables when assessing your engagement ring. Here’s how we do it:

Whether your ring is gold, silver, or platinum, we accept all purities and sizes, regardless of the condition.

Our valuation is based on the current market price of precious metals. A quick Google search or our Gold Calculator can help you understand what your ring may be worth.

If your ring includes stones, such as diamonds, their quality contributes to the overall value. Factors like carat, clarity, color, and cut are assessed to determine the stone’s worth, which is then added to the value of the precious metal(s).

How To Sell Your Engagement Ring With Us

Here’s how you can get cash for gold in four easy steps, that too within 24 hours.

- Fill out our online form to receive your free appraisal kit. The kit includes all the necessary shipping materials for a hassle-free process.
- Place your engagement ring and any other unwanted jewelry in the FedEx-insured shipping package and send them off to us.
- Within 24 hours of receiving your jewelry, our appraisers will assess your engagement ring to see what it’s worth and send you their best offer.
- If you’re satisfied with the offer, accept the payment. If you change your mind or aren’t content for any reason, you’re free to decline the offer without any hard feelings, and we’ll ship your items back to you for free.

There you have it! Unlocking cash from your engagement ring will set you free and bring you closer to doing something you really love, be it a shopping spree, going on vacation, or treating yourself to a new car.

Have questions or concerns? If we haven’t answered them below, contact us to learn more about why we’re the best place to sell gold jewelry online.

* Please refer to the Terms and Conditions to ensure and eliminate, as much as possible, any confusion surrounding our business practices.


Q. Can I sell broken gold or other damaged jewelry pieces?
A. Certainly! Whether it’s broken, damaged, or in pristine condition, if it contains gold, silver, or platinum, we’ll buy it. Our valuation is based on the precious metal’s weight and purity, not its condition.

Q. What if my material doesn’t fit in the FedEx envelope?
A. No worries at all. We cater to shipments of all sizes, big or small. Just get in touch with us, and we’ll assist you in making the necessary arrangements for your shipment.

Q. Will it cost me anything if I decide not to accept the offer and want my material back?
A. Absolutely not. If our offer doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll return your item(s) to you free of charge and with no hard feelings. Expect a hassle-free process from us.

Q. How can I differentiate between real and fake gold?
A. Technically, any item with gold content contains real elemental gold; there’s a distinction when it comes to items described as gold. Some may be gold-plated or made from a gold-containing alloy, which is what we’d dub ‘fake gold’.

Q. Why does Gold to Cash offer higher payouts compared to pawn stores?
A. As an online business, we’ve got fewer overhead costs. What this means is we can pass on the savings to our clients, thus providing competitive and higher payouts compared to traditional pawn stores.

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