Sell Your Silver is more than a gold buyer. We buy all precious metals, including silver. If you have silver jewelry, flatware, coins, or silver bullion you can sell it at Gold to Cash.

Most silver jewelry and flatware pieces are made of 90% silver for durability and are stamped as “Sterling Silver” or “.925.” If you find that lying around the house, you can turn it into cash, even if it’s in bad condition and doesn’t look attractive. 

Silver coins can be found even in your loose change and are worth more than face value. These old silver US coins are also called “junk silver.” Here are the most popular US coins that contain silver:  


  • Morgan (1878–1904 & 1921) -- 90-percent silver
  • Peace (1921–1928 and 1934–1935) -- 90-percent silver


  • Liberty Head “Barber” (1892–1916) -- 90% silver
  • Walking Liberty (1916–1947) -- 90% silver
  • Franklin (1948–1963) -- 90% silver
  • Kennedy (1964) -- 90% silver
  • Kennedy (1965–1970) -- 40% silver


  • Liberty Head “Barber” (1892–1916) -- 90% silver
  • Standing Liberty (1916–1930) -- 90% silver
  • Washington (1932, 1934–1964) -- 90% silver


  • Liberty Head “Barber” (1892–1916) -- 90% silver
  • Winged Liberty Head “Mercury” (1916–1945) -- 90% silver
  • Roosevelt (1946–1964) -- 90% silver

It is tough to find these coins in general circulation today; however, if you have these coins or you are a collector- we offer top payouts when it’s time to sell.

Many foreign coins contain silver as well, and you can sell them to us for profit. If you are unsure whether they are silver or not, contact us, and our appraisal specialists will figure it out for you. 

Pure Silver Coins and Bullion 

Send us your silver coins or bullion and we will gladly buy them. Be it legal tender coins or silver rounds, we buy it all. 

1 oz American Silver Eagles

1 oz Canadian Silver Maples

1 oz Silver Britannias 

1 oz Chinese Silver Pandas

1 oz Silver Kangaroos

1 oz Silver Krugerrands

1 oz or (any weight) Silver Rounds

1 oz or (any weight) Silver Bars

That is just an example of the most popular silver bullion items we’ve bought. If your items are not listed, we will still buy it, as long as it’s silver. Silver rounds, bars, or coins (except junk) are usually marked with .999 pure silver. If your bullion is not marked, most likely, it’s not silver; rarely, it proves to be silver if there is no stamp. 

If you decide to sell silver to you can be confident that we will appraise your items accurately and give you the highest offer. If you want to get an estimate of how much your silver coins and bullion are worth, feel free to contact us and our experts will provide you with a no-obligation estimate. Whenever you sell silver or gold to us, we will give you a detailed report about our offer. The report contains the current market value of the precious metal you’re selling, weight, purity and our offer. We want to be as transparent as possible to give you confidence in doing business with us.