Sell Dental Gold

Are you looking to sell dental gold? You’ve come to the right place. Gold crowns are probably the most widely used amongst dental. There are palladium dental crowns as well, but not as popular. If you have such implants and you want to sell them, Gold To Cash is the place that offers the highest payouts for your dental gold. We buy dental gold crowns and guarantee* that you won’t find better and more competitive payouts online or locally. Also, we offer a price match guarantee* if you found a place that can pay more for your dental gold.

What makes dental crowns valuable?

Most gold or white palladium-based crowns contain enough precious metal to makes them valuable. Gold fillings, bridges, and dental crowns have value and can fetch a decent amount of cash. If you have them lying around in your dental office or drawer, you can sell them to us and get paid within 24 hours of offer approval. How much your old dental crowns are worth mainly depends on the amount of gold they contain. Their weight and the type of alloy used in creating them are also factors that contribute to their overall value. If your crowns have precious metals, we will buy them. Most dental gold crowns contain 14k (58.3%) gold and weigh under 10 grams. If your dental gold has tooth particles in it, we will extract it, so you don’t have to worry about extracting it yourself.

Make use of your old dental crowns

Dental crowns have value, even if they are old, worn out and damaged. Don’t think your old dental crowns are useless; you can sell your dental gold for a decent amount, especially if you have more than one piece. People with gold crowns get them replaced once in a while and the old ones are just lying around; instead, they can fund a part of the procedure. Send us your old dental gold crowns and find out how much they are worth.

Gold To Cash is offering the highest payout for:

  • Bonded crowns with or without roots
  • Gold crowns with or without roots
  • Inlays
  • Bridges
  • Platinum foil

How you can sell your old dental crowns and make a decent amount of money?

Follow these steps to understand how you can sell your old dental crowns.

  • Request a free kit

Complete a short form to get started with the appraisal process; you’ll receive a prepaid shipping label in return. There is no risk and no obligation.

  • Ship your valuables

Take your crowns and the provided FedEx shipping label to the nearest FedEx office/center/etc., or you can request a free home pickup.

  • Accept our offer and get paid

You will get the highest offer for your dental crowns from us. When you accept our offer, you will receive your payment within 24 hours of accepting our offer.  

Gold To Cash is here to help

If you are looking for dental gold buyers, give a try, and we won’t disappoint you. We will take away your old and worn-out dental crowns and give you the highest payout for them. Selling dental gold has never been easier, Gold To Cash is buying a variety of gold and other precious metal crowns.